Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants Aust


The Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants Australia Inc (AHSCA) is a non-profit technical, educational and business organisation that represents practising hydraulic and fire protection services consultants, experienced and qualified in the design, documentation and inspection of building hydraulic and fire protection systems such as hot and cold water plumbing, sanitary and trade waste drainage, stormwater drainage, fire services and gas services.

The AHSCA also has other industry members such as manufacturers and distributors of plumbing and allied products, student members and teacher members.

The AHSCA was founded in 1974 and has members in all states. It conducts national conferences on a regular basis on all matters affecting the profession. The AHSCA sits on Australian Standards committees pertaining to building hydraulic and fire protection services, and also various National Education Committees.


The AHSCA promotes the interests of, and services offered by, those in the consulting hydraulic and fire protection services profession. There are many benefits of membership, some of which are:

  • Networking with other consultants and technicians who may have unique expertise that is of benefit to members. Also provides an avenue of introduction to future employers, employees or partners
  • Education and information on self-improvement courses and publications, and the opportunity to bring about change
  • Inclusion on CPD and accreditation register
  • Exchange of ideas relating to design principles and methodology
  • Insight into levels and standards of professional ethics and conduct
  • Awareness of new products and technology through seminars, technical papers, general meetings and newsletters
  • Forum for open debate on technical and professional issues
  • Tax-deductible membership fees
  • Industry recognition, highly regarded by architects, developers and public authorities


Minimum requirements

The AHSCA is open to any person in the consulting hydraulic and fire protection profession involved in the design and documentation of building services hydraulics systems. Consulting hydraulic and fire protection profession shall mean anyone engaged by, or conducting business as, a professional hydraulic and fire protection services consultant and who is not:

  • Conducting business as a services installation contractor
  • Employed by, or having a financial interest in, a design organisation whose principles have financial holdings in a services installation contracting organisation


Fellow Member| Shall have 25 years' continuous membership and served on the committee for a minimum term of 12 months

Full Member| Shall have six years' experience as a hydraulics designer in a recognised professional office and hold an Associate Diploma or equivalent

Associate Member| Shall have a minimum of two years' experience as a hydraulics designer, design drafter or supervisor in the consulting hydraulic profession, or be a graduate of an approved course and
now employed in a recognised hydraulic consultants office

Honorary Life Member| Shall be recommended by the board of the directors as a result of his/her actions or contribution to the association or hydraulics profession

Corporate Member| Shall be a company which must have a director or principal who is a full member of the association

Affiliate Member| Shall be a manufacturer/distributor of plumbing or allied products whose principals have no financial interest in a services installation contracting organisation

Teacher Member| Shall be a TAFE teacher who holds a Diploma in Plumbing Services or equivalent and has six years' part- or full-time teaching experience

Student Member| Shall be a student enrolled in an approved course with an insight into the association. Membership offers a forum for student input into the curriculum of the TAFE Diploma of Plumbing Services Course


President | Roger Chance
Vice President | Nick Soden
Secretary | Mr Bob Welch
Treasurer | Mr George Koutoulas
PO Box 583
North Sydney NSW 2059
P | 1300 797 101
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