Arboriculture Australia


Arboriculture Australia™ is the peak national organisation promoting and representing tree workers, arborists, professional tree management and urban forestry professionals throughout Australia.

Arboriculture Australia™ is also a not-for-profit professional association dedicated to raising the standards of Australian tree care and management.


Promoting professional tree care and awareness of the benefits of trees through research and education.


Managing the relationships between people and trees.


  • To promote excellence in the care and management of trees
  • To nurture positive relationships between people and trees
  • To represent the industry as the peak national industry body
  • To stimulate greater community interest in the benefits, planting and preservation of trees in and adjacent to the built environment
  • To provide arboricultural leadership in Australia and internationally
  • Educate tree workers, arborists, consultants and tree managers
  • Promote the benefits of the trees and professional tree care: economic | ecological | environmental | health |social
  • Promote, develop and improve arboricultural best management practices and standards
  • Facilitate and disseminate arboricultural research
  • Develop working relationships with related and like-minded organisations


Members of Arboriculture Australia™ are dedicated to the professional care and management of trees within and adjacent to the built environment, and are committed to ongoing education. The association’s ethical standards include guidelines in relation to client interaction that safeguard the consumer from misrepresentation.

The association also assists in the publication of guidelines for work and safety standards, and leads the way in promoting the application of best management arboricultural practices. The General Member and the Registered Professional Member Codes of Ethics can both be found on the association’s website:


Website| Comprehensive industry website with news and events, online shop, Arboriculture Australia™ Consulting and Practicing Arborists Online Directory, educational information and more.

Online Arborist’s Directory| An online public directory for Australian Consulting and Practicing Arborists’ promotion of services.

Online shop | Includes memberships, books, audio and videos, Arboriculture Australia™ merchandise and donations features.

Arboriculture Australia™ National Conference, Trade Show and Workshops | Discounted registration for all members to all events.

The Bark™ | This quarterly member-only magazine includes a broad range of professional and educational articles, research, case studies and upcoming events.


Available to any natural person in the world.

Available to apprentices, trainees and students enrolled in an approved course and not currently employed. Membership is subject to proof of student status and approval by the Board.

Corporate Membership
Corporate Membership discounts are available to organisations with five or more members.

Registered Tree Worker™
Available to qualified practising tree workers.

  • Requires a minimum of Australian Qualification Framework Level II in Arboriculture or an approved equivalent.

Registered Qualified Arborist™
Available to qualified practising arborists or qualified arborists involved with government bodies, trusts or educational institutions.

  • Requires a minimum of Australian Qualification Framework Level III in Arboriculture or an approved equivalent.

Registered Practicing Arborist™
Available to arborists qualified to undertake practical operations, promote best practice and deliver current knowledge and techniques in tree care and/or removal techniques.

  • Requires a minimum of Australian Qualification Framework Level III (Cert 3) in Arboriculture or an approved equivalent.

Registered Consulting Arborist™
Available to arborists with the skills, experience and educational background to provide diverse specialised Arboricultural services, including tree care and diagnostics information.

  • Requires a minimum of Australian Qualification Framework Level V (Diploma) in Arboriculture or an approved equivalent.


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