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It’s easy to do your bit for the planet by harvesting water and making your own compost.

Growmax is an environmentally aware company that can provide many of the answers to your environmental needs, including polyethylene and metal water tanks in various shapes and sizes to suit domestic, agricultural or industrial purposes.

Today, there is a rainwater tank to suit any location – from slimline models that fit neatly along the side of a house or shed to large-capacity models that can cater for the needs of the biggest family. And with a range of colours, integrating a water tank into your landscape is easy and can be matched to the colour of your roof or guttering for a fully co-ordinated look.

Whether installed above the ground or placed below, when building a new house or embarking on a home renovation or extension, a rainwater tank is an asset, providing water for garden irrigation and other household uses.

A healthy garden is also a water-wise garden and compost is one of the keys to having nutrient-rich, well-balanced soil. The Ezyroll Compost Barrow is an eco-friendly product that can help to revitalise drought-ravaged gardens and reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill.

The Ezyroll Compost Barrow can produce two bags of compost every two weeks from organic waste that would otherwise have been thrown away. This efficient system converts grass clippings, leaf litter and other material such as food scraps into moist compost that provides enriching nutrients to the soil. It also attracts worms, which take the compost down to the root system of plants, stimulating growth.

Growmax is one of Sydney’s leading providers of environmentally sustainable solutions and products.


Images (top to bottom): Ezyroll Compost Barrow, AquaTank, Solar Panels

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