Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia & New Zealand

Outdoor Lighting provides essential benefits for people in urban, suburban and rural areas. It’s vital for workplace productivity, but it’s more than that – it also plays an important role in safety, in aesthetics and much more. The Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia & New Zealand spans the entire nation of Australia and beyond, with chapters located in New South Wales, Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, New Zealand and Tasmania.

The Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia & New Zealand is dedicated to advancing the engineering and art of illuminating in all fields, as well as advancing information dissemination, research and development within this field. The organization draws membership from all walks of life, including architects, researchers, students, educators, designers and manufacturers of lighting and lighting design/equipment.

The Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia & New Zealand has several overarching objectives. They encourage high standards within the industry, holding their professional members to the highest ethics and a strict code of conduct. They also help develop and set policy regarding outdoor lighting within the region, and advocate for the industry with the government. The IES is also responsible for developing national standards for outdoor lighting professionals, manufacturers, suppliers and others involved in the industry.

Members of the Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia & New Zealand enjoy many benefits as part of the organization. For instance, members are able to enjoy promotion from within the organization, and immense access to a tremendous range of information, publications and specifications regarding lighting and illumination (both from a science standpoint and from an artistic one). Members also enjoy immense networking opportunities with other professionals around Australia and internationally. Access to ongoing training and education is also an important benefit for members and ensures that all professionals within the organization have the skills and knowledge required.

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