St Catherine’s New Green Facade

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Ronstan remains at the forefront of the green wall and green facade industry by designing a range of products to meet the challenges clients face. The team at Ronstan understand that vertical climbing plants need a sound base structure to encourage the growth needed for attractive green facades and green walls. In the past, timber lattice or galvanised wire worked structurally, but failed dismally on the aesthetic front while St Catherine’s New Green Facade | 2 Ronstan | ODS St Catherine’s New Green Facade | 3 Ronstan | ODS St Catherine’s New Green Facade | 4 Ronstan | ODS St Catherine’s New Green Facade | ronstan logo image | ODS waiting for the plants to grow.

In their re-development of the senior school buildings at St Catherine’s School, Croxon Ramsay Architects and landscape architect, ACLA Consultants, utilised the Ronstan AGS3i cable trellis system to overcome this challenge. They presented carefully considered structures of 4mm stainless-steel cables to provide essential support for the juvenile plants in a horticultural sense, as well as seeking to complement the contemporary architecture of the re-development at the same time.

The Ronstan AGS3i system uses a unique and simple-to-install alloy wall mount which holds the trellis cables proud of the wall, or, in the case of St. Catherine’s, the beautiful laminated vertical timber louvres. This ensures airflow and space around the plants, aiding their growth and protecting them from damaging hard heat-retaining surfaces. When mature, the plants will shade and beautify the building, contributing to its sustainable design.

Ronstan provides a “total solution” in landscape trellis systems with cables, meshes and components designed to work together to provide optimal growth conditions for climbing plants. Structures are engineered to specific criteria and every detail is examined. The team at Ronstan don’t shy from the complicated challenges that face the industry and they do their utmost to realise client and project specifications of all sizes.

For inspiring cable trellis ideas or more information on the AGS3i and other systems, download the Ronstan Cable Trellis catalogue or visit the Ronstan website at

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